Laredo College Education Foundation


Since 2003, the Laredo College Education Foundation has worked behind the scenes to improve the educational and cultural environment at the college district. This non-profit organization supports and promotes LC’s students by seeking funds from private groups and individuals for scholarships, construction and maintenance of campus buildings, infrastructure improvements and many other projects for advancement. The L.C. Education Foundation consists of community members interested in fostering a culturally and academically enriched environment for both students and the community.

Focused Areas

The Laredo College Education Foundation focuses on the following areas:


One way this organization supports Laredo College students, is by seeking funds to provide Scholarships to our community.

Construction & Maintenance

Some of the funds are also used in maintaining historical infrastructure in our historic Fort McIntosh Campus.

Special Projects

Funding for Special Projects are selected, and based on the criteria that is set for the projects and the desire to enhance the College campuses and the community.

Community Relations

In an effort to support the College's Mission. A important part of this Foundation, is creating relationships with members of our community.

Dedicated Team

The Laredo College Education Foundation is composed of a dedicated team of community members: